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Entryway into the graveyard. From Confucius' mansion, we went to one of the most sacred spots in all of China: Mount Tai.

You can walk up, or take the cable car to the first "station." After that, you have to climb - stairs! Thousands of them! Maybe millions! Anyhow, there are a lot of stairs. At intervals, there are temples, and scenic vistas. The temples were quite active. Buddhist monks were praying, incense was burning, and gongs were gonging. The sounds carried across the mountains which were wreathed in fog. It was all highly dramatic. The temples have been built every-which-way all over the mountainside -- wherever there was flat ground, or ground that could be made flat.

People come to Mount Tai to pray. Many childless couples buy red ribbons to tie onto tree branches to petition the gods for a son. They also come to look at the scenery. As is common throughout China, there are people selling "stuff" at every turn: drinks, food, ribbons, incense, tourist toys, etc. I was still freezing.