MEXICO ~~ 3-2001~~ Guadalajara, Jalisco
Church of the Virgin of Atonement
Built over a period of years from native stone; completed in 20th century. In the center tower, the windows create a glorious panaply of light inside. Some of the windows were from Germany.

Fountain in front was used as a swimming pool by a "crazy" (?) man while we were there. He swam around & around searching for pesos people had tossed into the water. Maybe not so crazy...

Why was this guy dressed like some sort of Aztec vision in feathers, playing the flute? He played & danced outside our hotel, the Presidente, on Sunday morning, hopping between cars waiting for the light to change.

When we went out for an early morning walk, we noticed homeless youngsters (ca. 16 - 18 yrs. old), sleeping over the heating vents next to the hotel covered in blue tarps. These were the only homeless we saw in Guadalajara in the downtown area.