In Xi'an, China, we went to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Thousand upon thousands of terracotta soldiers, plus horses and chariots in situ. The holes you see in the background have not yet been excavated. After the emperor's death, people broke into the tomb, and smashed many of the figures. Repair work is going on below:

In Xi'an, there is a nightly musical based on Tang Dynasty songs. The musicians use the same instruments that were used back then, and the dancers perform what is known as the "sleeve dance."

So lovely...

This is some of the typical scenery along the Yangtze River (this is actually a side river coming into the big one):

The river will ultimately rise to 175 meters once the dam is completed. I shall refrain from making any comments about the loss of agricultural land, the loss of neolithic/paleolithic sites, the loss of habitats for the blind dolphins, river salmon, birds, etc. I shall refrain from commenting about the relocation of millions of people who used to be farmers into cities where they will live in hi-rises. Nope, no such comments will pass my lips or make it onto a webpage.

And here is Tibet's famous Lhasa. We are on the top of Sera monastery, looking eye-to-eye with the clouds...

More to come.