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Inside the Potala Palace are the stupas of deceased Dalai Lamas, the most fabulous of which belongs to the Fifth Dalai Lama who united the secular and religious authority in Tibet. There are numerous halls, small chapels, etc. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to photograph inside.

However, we could photograph inside other monasteries (if we paid a fee in each room).

This is Drepung Monastery, which was built in 1416 A.D. For a long time it was the headquarters of the Yellow Hat Sect monks. The lower part of the monastery houses the monks, and their storerooms. Further up are prayer halls and store houses for precious documents. These documents are scrolls, stored along the sides of rooms. People bend down to walk underneath the sacred texts to secure good luck and blessings.

Climbing onto the top level of Drepung Monastery. The white stuff are silk offering scarves. There are stone steps on either side of the scarves. The scarves cover a pathway in the middle which only the Dalai Lama could tred. This restricted center part of stairways is very similar to those found in buildings in China, where the center parts were restricted to the emperors.

Over the top...

The monastery twists and winds up and down and around the mountains.