We next went to the Dalai Lama's Summer Palace. Everything has been kept exactly as it was when he left in 1959.

This is the entry to a small pond area.

Some of the structures are being rennovated. The workers sang as they labored. The songs were Tibetan love songs - so beautiful.

This is the actual Summer Palace. The Dalai Lama said he liked it the best of all his residences.

The walls of the palace are covered with paintings that tell the story of Tibet and Tibetans, from their descent from a monkey through the last Dalai Lama. Because this is a revered work of art, the government did not erase the face of the Dalai Lama, although this is the only portrait of him in Tibet.

Our guide's grandfather was a very religious man who made these carvings and paintings for the Dalai Lama. When our guide (shown above) went to India, she met the Dalai Lama. She was so shy, she forgot to mention about her grandfather.

                                                       End of Tibet trip

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