June is Rose Month in River Forest, IL (2007)

Here are a few of my more than 100 roses -- most are landscape ones: rugosas, carpet roses, Double Knock Out Red, & Fairy, but we do have Disneyland, Tuscan Sun, Salsa, Wild Berry, Change of Heart, Distant Drum, Cherish, and a few others like that.

This lovely rose was sold to us 2 seasons ago as 'Bonica.'
It's not. Thanks to the folks on the Gardenweb forum, 'Name That Rose,' we now know it's 'Carefree Wonder.'

  'Gold Medal' starts out like this, opens to a flower that's tinged with apricot, fades to all yellow, then almost to white - very long-lasting. Gorgeous! I never thought I'd like a yellow rose.

'Gold Medal' open

Cute little 'Snow Cone' blooms its heart out from spring thru early fall. Alas, no smell. My husband thinks it should be named 'Popcorn' tho because the blooms resemble popped corn more than a 'Snow Cone.' We had 3, but are down to 2 now. It was a tough winter.

Nearly Wild White, a repeat bloomer that visually cools off the area where we have it planted amidst the landscape roses I call the "Pepto-Bismal Pinks" - a sort of major mistake I made when I started planting carpet roses everywhere I had sun.