This short was taken from atop Victoria Peak (typical tourist shot for which I do not apologize). We were lucky because it was not an overcast day. Since I had been there last, an entirely new approach to the Peak had been built. There were stores, escalators, and a new viewing spot.

Looking toward the parks atop Victoria Peak. There are quite a few open spaces on Hong Kong Island, surprisingly. There are cable cars in Ocean Park going up and down the mountain. When Hong Kong was first founded, there were no trees and precious little soil, so the Brits imported that. Now, trees grow all along the hillsides. Hong Kong also has no water, so is supplied from Mainland China. Once, a little bit ago, China decided to show its muscle and cut off the supply. Not a happy day for Hong Kong!

View of the viewing spot.

I simply fell in love with the "scenic vistas" up there. The buildings across the harbor are in Kowloon, where we stayed. I prefer to stay over there as opposed to in Hong Kong because 1) more shopping! 2) less expensive restaurants 3) more shopping!