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More construction outside the temple.

Hollywood Road, the streets of high price antique dealers. Note the bamboo construction works in the background. These seemingly flimsy pieces of bamboo are the external scaffolding used to build those skyscrapers! It's amazing to see men climbing up them, hauling up glass sheets, and working perhaps 50 stories in the air!

Man-Mo Temple from the front, totally dwarfed by high-rises.

All throughout Hong Kong are little markets, along the side streets. You can buy almost anything in them, altho there seems to be "specialist" market areas: grocers and vegetables, meats, etc. are grouped together; clothing suppliers are grouped together; junk is ubiquitous.

Down about 10 steps from Hollywood Road is a street commonly called "Cat's Alley." It houses the stalls and shops that are less than fancy - in fact, it's a flea market. Lots of fun to poke around here. One never knows what one will find.