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Refrigerators like those shown in this picture would hardly fit in one of the standard apartments. People tend to shop everyday for meat and vegetables because they have no storage space, or big freezers.

More harbor views. The big cruise ships come in, dock near the Star Ferry and unload shoppers into a huge mall. Of course, that mall has the highest prices in all of Kowloon!

Looking back toward HK island from the Star Ferry. The Ferry is wonderful. It's a commuter taxi costing between $1.70 and $2.25 HK Dollars, depending on whether you want to sit on the upper deck or the lower deck. The bench-type seats are nifty because when you are going to Hong Kong, you flip the seat backs one way; when you are returning to Kowloon, you flip the back the other way. The upper and lower decks used to be to separate the Brits. from the Chinese, but now they really serve to separate the tourists from the locals. ;^)

This was Jack's favorite building.