More harbor... It really was lovely.

The shopping crowds on Nathan Road in Kowloon. Very narrow sidewalks crammed with people walking in both directions. Drivers in HK use the Brit. system, and it takes a while to get used to looking "the wrong way." On the streets, in front of every store, there are men stationed to entice you in, or to hand out leaflets with their store names and goods offered. "Copy Roles watch, sir? Fake Gucci bag, madam - Vuiton?" The cacophany of voices is wonderful! There are Jamaicans, Africans, British, your standard Americans, Chinese, Japanese,  Koreans, and everything in between.

You might think a store is a store, but you'd be wrong! Behind every store is another one, and behind that, another one -- as far back as the back wall of the building. The stores are very narrow, no more than perhaps 15 ft. wide. The shop keepers in the front pay the most rent.

Spaghetti House? When there's Chinese food so readily available? No way!

But, what Irishman could pass up going to Murphy's Irish Pub for a pint after a hard day's shopping?

SARS and 9-11 really hit Hong Kong hard. This mall was 3/4 empty - something I never saw when I was here in 1988. The decorations were up, the mall guards were out prepared to assist shoppers, but there was no one! It's kind of like giving a party & nobody shows up.

Behind our hotel was a children's fair. It had been there in 1988, but I assume it is taken down during the summer. The loud speakers blared Christmas carols, which I found somewhat disconcerting.

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