Page 10 - more touristy things

Near the cathedral (maybe 4 blocks away) is the Mechado square. This area houses an art gallery, a fabulous bakery, the Opera House/Teatro, and various restaurants.

The houses lining the square are being "regentrified."

At the very end of the city is a pier from which the fishermen set off. The Madonna statue is gifted with flowers daily. She is supposed to guard the fishermen while they work. One of the few restaurants we discovered (well, it was recommended to us) that had decent food (altho the fish was still swimming in brown sauce) was right near. It's called "La Puntilla." In a few of the beach restaurants, strolling musicians came along. They played "conjunto," music with a sort of polka-beat, I guess because of the Germans who settled here. It was such fun to listen to them!