Page 12 - Tile and Pottery Makers

This tile maker does all his work by hand. His tiles cost $2 each, so only wealthy people can buy them for their houses.

He uses a machine that is 100 years old. It uses pressure to force the tiles into shape. Then, after the tiles are made, they are left to dry in the sun for 2 days. They are made out of dyes and cement.

Here's the tile we bought. I have NO idea what I'll do with it, but it's neat.

This is the tile maker's warehouse.

Then we went to a pottery maker's place. I love masks and collect the Mexican ones that show a skeleton and fleshed face together. This one was too big to take home except in pictures.

This one was also huge. Can't have everything...

I could have spent hours going thru these!
But, we were off to Copala next!