Page 2 - Mazatlan, Mexico 2004

We were taken by the time-share salesman and his brother-in-law who teaches biology in a local middle school to a beach somewhere north near Obispo to see petroglyphs. The beach is littered with volcanic rocks and hardened lava. It seems too far away to have been the result of the Ceboruco volcano near Guadalajara exploding, and the off-shore volcanoes didn't erupt until the 18th century, so I have no idea where these rocks originated. It's not really possible to date the petroglyphs, but they appear to be pre-Contact.

                                              What follows is 22 photos of petroglyph designs

Most were circles, suns, rays, possible comet designs, human and animal figures, & geometric patterns, all of which are supposed to be from the 3rd migration into the New World. Who can say?


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