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You can see a little rat or mouse on the left in this shot. Despite the fact that these murals depict constellations, warriors, and heroic deeds, they also show "homely" details like this.

This is supposed to show a male and female - Jupitor and Venus, as we were told. The figure of Venus looks to the left and across the valley to the other set of pyramids.

Across the valley, there is
Xochitecatl. This is the Serpent mound or pyramid.

This is the spiral pyramid. Supposedly it has something to do with women. Women would perhaps walk around it up to the top asking the gods for children (?) It's a bit steeper than it looks here. The cross on top was set because there used to be a pagan altar there. From the top you get a gorgeous view of the valleys.

This is the Flowers pyramid. Why it's called that, I haven't a clue.

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