Puebla Buildings
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This building was constructed by a wealthy merchant who, legend has it, wanted to add a 3rd floor to his home. The city fathers denied his request because they said the region was too prone to earthquakes and the building might fall. The merchant supposedly petitioned the Governor in Mexico City who petitioned the King (story gets a bit confused here) one of whom granted the man the right to add a 3rd floor. In retrobution for the denial of his petion by Pueblano officials, the merchant decorated the front of his building with their images - only he made them appear to be "cavemen"! The irony is that the building was damaged in the last earthquake, so is now closed.


This building is decorated with what resembles a Jewish star. However, I'm not sure this is what the decoration really is because in Colonial times and for many years afterwards, there were very few Jews in Puebla.