Puebla, Mexico Buildings

Puebla, in central Mexico, is the longest continuously occupied settlement in the Americas. It was settled by the Spanish in 1531 A.D.

The city is studded with Colonial-era Baroque buildings, many of which are decorated with talavera tiles. Talavera tiles adorn kitchens, bathrooms, and walls. It used to be said that such use of tiles signeled you had "arrived." Talavera is an earthenware pottery supposedly brought to the Americas by Dominican friars in the 16th century. Talavera pottery-making remains the traditional industry in Puebla.

When we were in Puebla to "apprentice" with talavera pottery artisans, we stayed at the Meson Sacristias, an 8 room hotel created from a 19th century house. The hotel is furnished with antiques (for sale), and simply charming.


                                      The front of the hotel                          The inner courtyard converted into a restaurant