19th Century Khymer Spinning Wheel. The wheel part comes off when the wheel is full. 

The wheel is intricately carved with rose-type motives on each end. The base has stylized lotus petals symbolizing purity and luck (or so I was told). The main motive is a dragon-lion. His "antlers" are carved twigs (one is somewhat broken but repairable). The tongue is also a twig. This dragon-lion is a guardian spirit. The dragon-lion part was once painted red (auspicious color).

This is a heddle, also 19th century Khymer. It did not originally belong with the spinning wheel, but we thought it "went" well with the piece. It is in 2 pieces. The top part fits into the base. The base is heavily carved & inlaid with mirrors (some of which are missing). The entire piece was once covered in gold leaf.

Modern silk weavers use simple spinning wheels like this: