We flew to Kanchanaburi (in the jungle, near Burma, where the Japanese Death Camps were). We rode for 2 hours on the last remaining segment of the Death train linking Thailand and Burma (it stops before entering Burma). This is the railroad (and bridge) in the "Bridge Over the River Kwai" movie. Only thing is, it's the River KWAE!

Needless to say, we hiked Hell Fire Pass and saw the rocks the Dutch, Australian, American, British POWs had to dig, went to 3 museums honoring them, went to the cemetery where those who died (all except the Americans) were buried. Then we walked on the Bridge (the original bridge doesn't exist anymore. It was teakwood & only bits & pieces of it are in the water), so we walked the newer "reproduction" steel bridge.

The entire thing was quite a moving experience. I never knew; I never knew.

This is the bamboo forest along Hell Fire Pass, a 4 km. hike up and down the mountains that the POWs had to walk carrying rocks & hauling steel to build the railroad. This is the forest they had to cut. They suffered from malaria, scurvy, cholera & malnutrition. 17,000 died.