Coconuts are an important crop in Thailand. The shell is used for making dishes, spoons, pots to grow orchids, for mulch in fields. The fiber is used in paper & cloth, as well as for netting. The wood is used for building. The nut is used for food, drink, oil, & in cooking. It takes 10 coconuts (squeezed) to make a small bottle of coconut oil. The top picture shows a cocnut plantation where they also grow bananas & orchids. The middle picture shows how fast coconuts grow & the bottom picture shows a rack on which orchids are grown.

Outside of Bangkok are a set of canals. These are around 100 years old & used as waterway/highways for the local people. There is also a floating market where farmers come with their produce, meats, chickens, handicrafts etc. to sell. The canals' upkeep are the responsibility of a group of neighbors to keep up. In other words, if you live along a section of canal that goes bad or needs repair, you & your neighbors get together to fix it.