More to come, but, for me, one of the highlights of the trip, was riding an elephant, imagining I was a royal Thai, & wondering how anyone could fight a battle from the back of one of these swaying, constantly eating, beasts.


View from Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel (we were really roughing it, here!)

Inside the Royal Palace. The wats contain the ashes of cremated folk. The mosaics were made using broken Chinese pottery sherds that were ballast for Chinese shipments to Thailand. Good case of recycling!

  Large and imposing to say the least. This temple housed a huge Buddha image. You can't go into temples without removing your shoes, & it is considered rude to stare at a Thai's feet, just as it is considered rude to touch a Thai's head, or to cross your legs.

Entrance to Palace compound showing Chinese statues. They looked more like Leprechauns to me, however.

One of the friezes. The decoration was almost overwhelming!

What wat is this? They were everywhere!